Episode 5

005: Web Accessibility Tips & Tricks with Liza and Drew

Published: Thursday Jul 25, 2019 | Duration: 37 minutes

A? AA? AAA? - what does it all mean? We'll talk with Drew and Liza today who have been spearheading our march towards accessible web applications and share some tips, tricks and gotchas that we've encountered

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Guests in this Episode

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Show Notes

Topics in this episode:

  • What is web accessibility
  • What are the different levels of web accessibility?
  • Who exactly are accessible users?
  • Do it in house or work with an agency?
  • Things you can do in your code today to help you be accessible
  • Tools you can use to help in your quest to an accessible web app / site
  • Justin and Drew remember fond memories of handsetting type‚Ķ